Ladies Golf Gab

Join us for women’s golf conversations, virtually.

We are feeling the itch to get out and play some golf, however, we know that might not be possible for most women throughout KC and KS. 

We will be hosting a weekly webchat with Central Links Golf staff and area female golf professionals covering all things golf – Rules, Handicapping, swing tips, fitness, stretching, drills, and more. Get your golf on with our golf nerds.


Sally Krystyn – Tuesday, March 31
Courtney Mahon – Tuesday, April 7
Penny Hickman – Tuesday, April 13
Wendi Brandt – Tuesday, April 21
TBD – Tuesday, April 28
Registration is free. All webinars will be held from 9:30-10:15 AM

Session One Recap

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Penalty Area Videos:
Lateral Relief
Red & Yellow Penalty Areas
Back on the Line Relief Procedure

USGA | Announcement

The USGA announced this afternoon that scores with any modified hole are permissible and should be posted for handicap purposes. This announcement comes in response to the many different safety measures golf facilities are taking at this time. These recommendations will be in effect throughout the United States until further notice by the USGA.

Click here to view the USGA Announcement.

Click here for Covid-19 Rules and Handicapping FAQs. (Includes information regarding bunkers/bunker rakes, scorecards, local rules regarding the flagstick, etc.)

New Member Club – Brough Creek National

Brough Creek National – a backyard golf course gone viral. Established in 2015 when Ben Hotaling and Zach Brough built the first hole in their Kansas City backyard. Fast forward a few years later, they’ve gone viral on social media, are growing the backyard course and testing their backyard golf course design company.

“We did nothing with it until May of 2018 when I started blogging about designing a backyard wedge range on the property on No Laying Up’s message board called the Refuge”, Hotaling says. Followers of the project got involved and loved the concept. Over the next few months, Hotaling designed a “dream” routing for the property – released October of 2018 onto the internet. More people got interested and kept pushing along the narrative. It showed that there was serious interest in this type of unconventional golf.

The Takeoff

“We wrote up a little member welcome letter for anyone that wanted to join so long as they do something to push the project forward – be it introduce someone to the concept, design a logo, donate a piece of equipment – anything they are good at or want to contribute. People really loved to be a part of the process, so we made it very public by creating a website and Twitter page,” Hotaling said. They decided they were going to try and crowdfund the entire project there would be no charge to become a member or play the course, but if members really loved the idea and wanted to see the course built, they could make a donation of their choosing. Golfers couldn’t get enough of the idea and the crowdsourcing raised over $20,000. “At that point, it was too late to give up, so we went forward with construction,” Hotaling said.

The Concept

Brough Creek National is a 7-hole routing with 6 greens ranging from 60 yards to 140 yards in length. All the holes are designed with architectural intent, thoughtful design, minimalism/naturalism, and most importantly FUN. The concept isn’t necessarily to play the course in a classic way. The club wants to promote match play and specifically in the format of HORSE. All greens are accessible from nearly everywhere on the property. The idea is to go out with a friend or two, grab a beer, pick a hole and play to it. Best score wins the hole and picks the next one. The ultimate golfer’s playground.

The Membership

“We have a lot of media types that are members at BCN,” says Hotaling, “the folks from No Laying Up and The Fried Egg are extremely supportive and members at BCN. Rob Collins (Architect of the internet famous Sweetens Cove) is a supporting member. Jon Cavalier from “Linksgems” is a big supporter as well (he does golf photography for major publications).” The best part is absolutely anyone can be a member at no cost.

Today, there are 1200 worldwide members and 550 hours of work building the course by hand and they are nearly ready to grass the property. Zach Brough, Evan Bissell, Mark Robinson, Corbin Mihelic, Matt Preuss, and Ben Hotaling founded the club.

The Future

First things are finishing construction of BCN. They hope to open in late summer/early fall this year. “We hope to use BCN as a prototype for the concept of unconventional short courses as a central meeting place for communities across the US and even the world,” said Hotaling, “Building membership and bringing people together is the most important thing you can do in this world and we feel like the BCN concept is a great jumping off point for doing just that.”

Learn more and track their progress on social media: @someguysbackyard

Backyard Golf Course Design:

Become a member:


Most recently, the course was featured on KCTV 5 News and Club & Resort Business.

Lindsborg Golf Course

What and Where is Lindsborg Golf Course

Lindsborg Golf Course is the public course of the historic Lindsborg, Kansas known for its association with Swedish heritage and the biennial Svensk Hyllningsfest. This course encourages families to enjoy the course, regardless of skill. It is also a great course for golfers at any level, providing challenges and beautiful scenery along the way.

History of the Course

Lindsborg Golf Course opened in 1960; this parkland type course was designed by Hilding Jaderborg with the help of many members of the community at the time. When it originally opened, it had unique cottonseed hull greens rather than traditional sand greens, as well as the No. 9 tee box being elevated so you could see over the hill, literally making you climb to tee off. One of the longest-running tournaments at the course is the Ol’ Stuga tournament which has been held at the course for 40 years now and is provided by the Ol’ Stuga bar, a well-known bar in the city. This year the Ol’ Stuga tournament is being changed to the Ol’ Stuga Invitational.

Experience Sweden without the Cost

Lindsborg, nicknamed little Sweden USA, is a great place to take a golf trip to as there is plenty to do in this beautiful city. This year the city is celebrating its 150th anniversary as well as the 2019 Svensk Hyllningsfest, a celebration held on every odd-numbered year celebrating the Swedish pioneers who settled the Smoky Valley in 1868 – 1869. The festival features arts and crafts, special foods, ethnic music, and other special entertainment while Swedish folk dancers and musicians add to the flavor of the festival. Some other famous attractions the city has to offer are the Karpov International School of Chess (1 of the 15 worldwide), The Wild Dala Horses (one of the 8 wonders of Kansas), historic churches, as well as more that can be found at The Lindsborg Visitors Bureau.

Message from the Course

This course is very welcoming, people of all ages can enjoy a relaxing round of golf. LGC is continuing to work to improve their facilities and the members of the course truly have made this community special. The volunteers and both men and women’s leagues go above and beyond to make the LGC a great course. The course will be getting new RXV Elite Lithium Battery carts starting this year, new bathrooms in the clubhouse and improvement projects are being done around the course.


For more information about the course and upcoming tournaments you can reach Lindsborg Golf Course at (785)-227-2244 or visit their website at

Business Women’s Golf League

Business Women’s Golf League was formed in 1982 by a handful of businesswomen in Wichita, KS, unable to play golf in morning “ladies day” leagues due to working day time hours. Therefore, the league was formed for evening play to accommodate working women.

Today, the league remains strong with more than 50 members including one of the original founders, Terry Chesnut. In addition to 9 hole evening play, an 18 Business Women's Golf Leaguehole “tournament” is held once a month at various local courses, and a fun out of town weekend golfing trip is scheduled 2 times each year. Recently, morning play was added to the schedule as many of the members are now retired.

The league originally played at the Echo Hills Golf Course for many years. We now have become accustomed to change as we are ready to start another new home course, MacDonald Golf Course, which will be our 3rd course to call “home” since leaving Echo Hills when it closed.

The BWGL is always looking for new members to join the league!

Visit the BWGL website to learn more:

How to Post Your Scores

Beginning March 1, golfers in Kansas and Kansas City can begin posting scores to their GHIN Handicaps. If you’re wondering why it’s important to post your score, read about Why Even You Should Post Your Scores. There are multiple ways for you to post a score, making it easy to track your progress and report your rounds honestly.

  1. Score Posting Kiosk – This kiosk is usually a computer set up in the Pro-Shop for members to post scores on. Just look up your name or GHIN Number and you’re set.
  2. – Go to and enter your last name and GHIN Number, from there you will be able to choose whether your round was played at home or an away course, then pick your tees and post your score.
  3. GHIN Mobile App – Whether you use an Andriod or iPhone, you can download this app. You’re going to pull out your phone right after your round anyway, you might as well get that score posted while you’re at it!

Which method is your favorite? Whether you prefer to post at the course or on your device, posting a score allows you to track your progress and learn your potential ability.

Note: If you forgot to post a score during the active season, it’s not too late to post. You can go back and post scores that were made at any time during the active season, even if it is currently an inactive season.

KGA & KCGA Agree to Merge

The Boards of Directors of the Kansas Golf Association and the Kansas City Golf Association have reached an agreement in principle to merge.

The two storied golf associations will immediately begin operating with a single staff to serve the needs of all golfers in its territory of Kansas and the Kansas City metro area. The combined staff will be led by the KCGA’s current Executive Director, Doug Habel.  Casey Old will be the Competitions Director of Kansas and remain in the Lawrence office at Eagle Bend Golf Course while Todd Stice will remain in his role as the Director of Competitions in the Kansas City metro area. Jacque Madison will direct Women’s Championships throughout the state. Dick Kendrick will continue to administer the Kansas Senior Series events. Jacque Madison and Baile Stephenson will handle Club Services and Course Rating. The newest member of the team, Taylor Albritton, will assist with all competitions, with a focus on Junior Golf.

Leadership of both organizations will work together to form an organization with a new name and a combined board in order to complete the merger by December 31, 2020. The goal of the newly combined organization is to maintain the high standard of services and competitions available to the golf clubs and golfers of Metropolitan Kansas City and the State of Kansas.

The name of the new golf association will be announced on January 6, 2020.

Have questions about how this will affect our events? Click here.

Doug Habel, Executive Director KCGA
Sean Thayer, President KGA
Dick Swetala, President KCGA

What Scores Can I Post?

What Scores Can I Post?Sometimes there are restrictions on what scores a player can and cannot post. We’re here to help break those down.

Scores You Can Post

Scores you can post:

  • Rounds played with at least one other person.
  • To post a 9-hole score, you must have played 7-12 holes under the USGA Rules of Golf.
  • To post an 18-hole score, you must have played at least 13 holes under the USGA Rules of Golf.
  • Rounds played on any course during an active season, both home and away courses, with a proper USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating.
  • Scores in all forms of competition. Tournaments hosted by the KCGA & KGA post your tournament scores for you. Be sure not to double-post a score!
  • Disqualification in a competition, but you have an acceptable score, you must record an adjusted gross score using Section 4-2 of the Handicap Manual.

Scores you can’t post:

  • Rounds played alone.
  • When fewer than 7 holes have been played.
  • When the round was played in an area observing an inactive season.
  • Competitions which limit the number of clubs you can play with to under 14. Example: an irons only competition.
  • When a player uses non-conforming equipment (balls, clubs, tees, etc.).
  • Anytime the player does not play under the USGA Rules of Golf.

Note: If a player fails to post a valid score, the Handicap Committee may post the score without the player’s authorization. (See Section 8-4b of the USGA Handicap Manual).

Whenever you’re not sure if you can post a score or not, be sure to reference the USGA Handicap Manual available online or talk to your local club pro.

Happy Posting!

4 Reasons Why You Need to Be Posting Your Scores

Reasons for Posting ScoresI know what you’re thinking, “I don’t even play in tournaments that use my handicap for scoring, why do I have to post my scores??” Here’s the thing. Even if you don’t currently play in Net Scoring tournaments, there are a lot of reasons why your Handicap Index needs to be accurate.4 Reasons Why You Should Post Your Scores

  1. Pairings

Ever been paired with a golfer way above or below your ability? Maybe that’s because your handicap index did not properly reflect your potential ability. Often, Tournament Directors pair players based on handicap indexes.

  1. Invitation Only Events

When your handicap index is within a certain range, it can qualify you to participate in certain events. Think of the U.S. Open Qualifiers or U.S. Amateur Qualifiers.

  1. Flights

Sometimes we offer events with flights based on your handicap index. The Prairie Invitational is a good example to use here. In this event, if your handicap index is 5.0-23.4, you are required to compete in the Players division, instead of the Open division.

  1. Improvement

In addition to the reasons we listed above, posting your scores allows you to see your improvement over time. Your scoring record stays with you forever, making it easy to track your improvement.

If you are like most people, you thought all you needed out of your GHIN Number was the ability to enter tournaments, but posting your scores is crucial to maintaining the honesty of the game.

If you need a handicap and you are not a regular patron of a golf course that provides GHIN Memberships, join a Kansas Eclub. For more information about handicap policies and procedures, read the USGA Handicap Manual.

Note: If you forgot to post a score during the active season, it’s not too late to post. You can go back and post scores that were made at any time during the active season, even if it is currently an inactive season.