Central Links Golf takes great pride in junior golf throughout the State of Kansas and in the Kansas City Metro area by promoting the true spirit of the game of golf. In an effort to make CLG junior tournaments enjoyable for everyone, each player must adhere to a set of guidelines known as the “Code of Conduct”. CLG expects each Junior to adhere to the Code of Conduct not only during tournaments but wherever they may play, both on and off the course. Spectators must also adhere to specific guidelines when on the golf course.

Violations of Code of Conduct

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, to include abusive language, cheating, club throwing, disrespect to CLG staff, volunteers, officials, fellow competitors, host course personnel, or abuse of golf course property.
  • Use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products.
  • Failure to adhere to the dress code of CLG or Host Club.
  • Failure to care for the course: repairing ball marks, replacing divots, raking bunkers, disposing of trash appropriately, etc.
  • Physical abuse, threat of physical abuse or verbal abuse of other players, parents, host golf course staff or members, CLG staff or volunteers.
  • CLG prohibits a parent from caddying in junior tour events and Championships for their child. A player may not ask for or receive advise from any person or spectator under Rule 10.2.

Required Dress Code at the Golf Course

Proper attire is required at all times on the golf course and practice facilities, as well as in and around the clubhouse. The dress code prohibits short shorts, tank tops, T-shirts, and jeans. All hats and visors must be worn with the brim forward. Collared shirts or mock turtleneck must be worn and tucked in at all times. Shoes must adhere to the requirements of the host golf course.

Spectator Guidelines

All spectators are expected to be silent observers and act appropriately as it pertains to the rules and ethics of golf. Spectators have no authority for the Rules of Golf. Only CLG Officials and Tournament Administrators have the authority to handle rules of golf or code of conduct incidents. Spectators are to report incidents to a Rules Official and are not to get involved with the players. Under the general spectator policies, spectators:


  • Stay on the cart path or as near as possible at all times, including watching players putt on the putting green or tee off from the teeing area.
  • Keep an appropriate distance from players at all times (approximately 20 yards), to avoid the appearance of advice/discussion under Rule 10.2.
  • Keep cell phones on silent and keep communication with other spectators as quiet as possible to avoid distraction for the players.


  • Walk or drive the cart in/down the fairway at any time.
  • Use language inappropriate to the game of golf or actions that are deemed a distraction to players.
  • Give any sort of ruling or comments on the rules to a player in any way. CLG Rules Officials are responsible for rulings and parents should inform an official of any incidents and not become involved.
  • Touch, move or pull any of the player’s equipment unless specifically instructed to by a CLG Official.


  • Carry items for the player such as food, water, umbrella, cold weather gear, etc.
  • Give or receive from player said items listed above but keeping conversation to a minimum.
  • Assist in locating golf balls to help with pace of play. Once the ball is found, spectators need to return to the cart path and move away from the player.
  • Shuttle players from green to tee box but only when specified by a Rules Official or Committee.

Code of Conduct Violation Penalties

Code of conduct violations will result in penalty assessment or disqualification based on severity and frequency of the violation. CLG reserves the right to suspend or revoke a player’s privilege to enter and participate in future tournaments as a result of Code of Conduct violations. Our hope is that these policies won’t need to be used, but are in place to keep the integrity of the game and to prevent negative experiences for our junior golfers.

Penalties for player or spectator violation of code of conduct may be assessed based on each individual situation including the severity of the breach and factors that contributed to that breach. A player is deemed responsible for the family/friends spectating and in case a spectator is breaking code of conduct, the penalty will be assessed to said player.

  • First Offense: Warning
  • Second Offense: One Stroke Penalty or in the case of a Spectator violation, he/she will be asked to return to the clubhouse for the duration of the round
  • Third Offense: Two Stroke Penalty
  • Final Offense: Disqualification

Please reach out to CLG staff if you have any questions – taylor@clgolf.org.