April 17-23 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week! Central Links Golf has hundreds of volunteers who help officiate golf tournaments, conduct course ratings, oversee junior golf programming, and more. We are grateful for every single person who helps make our association what it is today.

In honor of this special week, we wanted to introduce you to the 32 members of our Board of Directors who represent golf clubs and communities across Kansas City and Kansas. Take a few minutes to get to know each of their stories below.

The Executive Committee

Jayne Clarke, President

A member of Smoky Hill Country Club in Hays, Jayne Clarke is a long-time member of Central Links Golf. Almost 20 years ago she answered a volunteer request for a Handicap Director position with the Kansas Women’s Golf Association, then served in several roles at the KWGA before assisting with the KWGA/KGA merger and the most recent KGA/KCGA merger that created Central Links Golf. Jayne has a passion for the game of golf which is evident to all; she plays in nearly every CLG women’s event each year, is a member of the Fore State Team, and is well respected in the women’s golf community.

What is one thing you wish people knew about CLG?
I wish more women realized that you don’t need to have a single-digit handicap to play in a Central Links Golf Event. There are events for every type of female golfer. The women’s events are a terrific way to socialize with ladies from across the region.

John Alefs, Vice President

John is a member of Wichita Country Club. He was introduced to the game of golf through his wife, he says “I played football and was a pole vaulter. When I started dating the girl who is now my wife, I found out everyone in her family played golf and most of them were pretty good.  I figured if I was to have any chance at all I would have to take up the game.

Why do you enjoy serving on the Board of Directors?
Having watched so many volunteers of the association while playing it gives me pleasure to be able to emulate their work and give back to the game.

Katy Winters, Secretary

Katy is a member of Crestview Country Club in Wichita. She has been an avid golfer in the state of Kansas most of her life after her parents introduced her to the game at six years old. She most recently placed third at the Prairie Invitational, breaking a course record at Hallbrook Country Club after shooting 67 in the second round.

What is your most memorable round of golf?
2005 KSHAA 4-1A State Championship – I made a 10 on #1 (now #10) at Terradyne to start the round and was even over the last 17 holes to get in a playoff. I made birdie on #1 in the playoff to win.

Doug Albers, Treasurer

Doug belongs to Mission Hills Country Club, although he grew up down the street from the Country Club of Leawood. Doug most recently won the Kansas City Match Play in 2021 and enjoys serving on the CLG Board because it allows him to give back to the organization that provided so many opportunities to him as a player over the years.

How were you introduced to the game?
My dad initially introduced me to the game, but the credit really belongs to the 20 or so kids on my street that played junior golf. I was really lucky to grow up where I did. We lived on the 11th hole at Leawood South Country Club and the driving range was a 3-minute walk from my house, so I spent almost every day in the summer hitting balls, having putting contests, and playing with the neighborhood kids. In the evenings, after dinner, we would either chip and putt on #11 green or play a loop from #11 to #17 that basically wrapped around our neighborhood. I’m sure the superintendent wouldn’t have been happy with us but we always fixed our ball marks and raked the bunkers to cover our tracks! I don’t think any club in town today would let junior golfers have the access we did back then. It paid off…5 of the kids from our street went on to play Division I College Golf!

Greg Dunn, Past President

When not serving as a Rules Official at a Central Links Golf event, you can find Greg playing at Milburn Country Club. He was the President of Central Links Golf in its first two years post-merger and serves as a knowledgeable Rules Official.

Why do you enjoy volunteering with CLG?
I enjoy working with the staff, volunteers, and players of CLG and wish more people know how much the association supports and benefits clubs, courses, and players.

Bob Bezek, Competitions Chair

Bob is a member of Prairie Highlands Golf Course in Olathe.

What do you enjoy about serving as the Competitions Chair?
I love golf and I love helping our staff and volunteers run high-quality golf tournaments. I wish more people knew how much thought and work it takes for CLG to make it all happen.

Dick Stuntz, Club Services Chair

Dick is a member of The Jayhawk Club but was introduced to the game of golf in Northern Iowa. His community had a 9-hole golf course and his entire family played golf. He mentions that “my mother was the club champion in five different decades!”

How did you get involved with CLG?
I was involved as a Board Member for the KGA and now CLG. I enjoy being associated with such a golf-knowledgable group of people and learning from them.

Brianna Portmann, Player Development Chair

Brianna was first involved with the association when it was the KCGA and she was competing on the Junior Tour. She went on to become a highly-skilled player in her youth and into college where she played at the University of Michigan.

What is your most memorable round of golf?
Competing against Morgan Pressel during the USGA Women’s Amateur Championship in 2004.

Pete Krsnich, Budget Chair

Pete is a member of Wichita Country Club and was originally introduced to CLG as a junior golfer by Scott and Vicki Brooks who ran the South Central Section of the Kansas Junior Golf Association.

What is your most memorable round of golf?
The semi-final match of the 2004 Kansas Amateur at Shadow Glen. I chipped in three holes in a row; I won a hole, halved a hole, and lost a hole. Yes, I chipped in and still lost the hole.

One thing he wishes more people knew about CLG is that “We are extremely grateful to our host clubs and courses. It takes a group effort to build a schedule with great venues including staff, board members, and players at host clubs and courses.”

The Board of Directors

Lyndi Cox, Topeka Country Club

How did you get started playing golf?
My dad is the one who got me started in golf at the age of 12. He “made” me participate in Junior Golf in the Summer and I begged him not to make me go. He strongly encouraged me to stick with it. I am so grateful for him spending countless hours and money on lessons to help me become a better golfer, as that allowed me to play College Golf. 

How were you introduced to CLG?
Karen Exon introduced me to CLG. I have known her since I was a Junior Golfer and now we actually play at the same course. Anyone who has met Karen knows her passion for the game and I was honored she asked me to take over her position. 

Ryne Fisher, Blue Hills Country Club

What was your most memorable round of golf?
My first round with Tom Watson at the Watson Challenge.

Why do you enjoy serving on the CLG Board of Directors?
Working in the golf industry for Bushnell Golf, growing the game is important to my everyday life. Seeing what CLG does to introduce new people to the game while also providing competition for the more experienced golfers is extremely encouraging.

Dan Froelich, Ironhorse Golf Course

How were you introduced to the game?
I was in my mid 30’s and my boss highly recommended I give up tennis and start playing golf. He said that golf was much better from a client relationship standpoint than tennis. What he told me is that with tennis you are trying to beat your opponent whereas with golf you are playing against a common opponent, the golf course. Lastly, my boss said that the time spent on the golf course with the client was priceless.

How did you get started with CLG?
Prior to retiring, my best friend said I should become a Rules Official and Course Rater which sounded like a great idea. After several years of volunteering, I was asked to serve on the Executive Committee of what was then the KCGA.

Chad Fuqua, Hesston Golf Course & Prairie Dunes Country Club

How were you introduced to the game?
Golf Pro Dean Adkisson, from Tulsa’s Southern Hills Country Club, made a career decision that changed my life. Dean and his wife decided to resign as Head pro of Southern Hills CC in 1975 to take a job at a “far more prestigious” municipal golf course in Hesston, KS – Hesston Golf Course. Which opened in 1976. I was four years old. In the same year, 1976, my father decided to enroll me in the newly founded junior golf program in Hesston. Junior Golf was a lifelong passion for Dean Adkisson, as the only way to grow the game was to introduce it to people at a young age. By the time I was 8 years old, I spent more summertime at the golf course than I did at my home. Dean became one of the most notable mentors in golf and life, as he helped me develop a passion for the game throughout my formative years. He retired from the head pro position the fall after I graduated from High School in 1990. I was his last student of the game. During his tenure as Pro at Hesston, Hesston High School was the most dominant 3A/4A high school golf team in KSHSAA. As he impacted several young people’s love for the game and competition and developed many fine young golfers (both boys and girls)

Why do you enjoy volunteering as the Junior Golf Chair for the South Central Section?
I can say that Golf was a very important part of my life. I look back at one of my mentors, Dean Adkisson, and he gave so much to young people in golf; I believe that giving back to the game’s youngest players is the best way I can honor the game that has had such an impact on my life.

Jack Garvin, Fred Arbanas Golf Course

Jack is one of our association’s historians. He does an excellent job keeping records of every major event we run and helped tremendously with the compilation of historical documents when KCGA and KGA merged into CLG.

What do you love most about being involved with CLG?
It feels good to work with others and give back to the game.

Lance Ihrig, Sugar Hills Golf Club

How did you first get involved with CLG?
Our club used the Handicap System through the KGA for many years. My boys played in tournaments and I got to meet quite a few members doing that.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about CLG?
People don’t realize how much work goes into running a golf tournament.

Dave Jackson, Milburn Country Club

How did you get started playing golf?
My father left a set of old Lynx irons, and some friends convinced me to give them a try at a couple of local muni courses (Minor Park & Staton Meadows). 

Why do you enjoy serving on our Board of Directors?
It’s been a rewarding way of giving something back to the game and community of golf with a terrific group of people sharing a common focus. 

Don Kuehn, Paradise Pointe

If you are familiar with golf in Kansas City, you’ve probably heard Don’s name a few times. Don is not only a great player and competitor but also serves as the Chair of the Kansas City Golf Hall of Fame Committee.

Do you prefer to ride or walk when you play?
I’m a former caddie and a dedicated walker!

Range or putting practice?
I spend a lot of time on the range.

Ryder Cup or The Masters?
Put me down for the Ryder Cup.

Mark Lavin, Milburn Country Club

If you have ever been to a Rules of Golf class, you will know how much Mark loves to talk about the Rules!

How did you get involved with CLG and what is your favorite part about volunteering?
The late Michael Bombeck suggested I might enjoy doing Rules. It is my way of giving back to the community for all the benefits I have gotten from golf and from living in Kansas City.

What is your most memorable round of golf?
When I shot 68 at Prairie Highlands.

Martha Linscott, Indian Hills Country Club

Martha is a notable player in our association. She won the Senior Amateur in 2020, going on to compete in the US Senior Amateur. She has also been low-senior at the Prairie Invitational.

Why do you enjoy serving on the Board of Directors?
Because I get to meet fellow golfers from around the state who are striving to make tournament golf a positive experience for golfers of all levels. It’s important to have standards and expectations for competitive golf and hold each other accountable so it can be a great experience for all.

Taylor McCann, Ironhorse Golf Course

What was your most memorable round of golf?
When I shot below my age at Ironhorse, I shot 71 at age 76.

What is one thing about CLG you wish more people knew?
More about the extent of activity the association does in the community – managing and officiating golf for all amateur and professional golf in our region – (juniors, handicaps, scratch, collegiate, Watson Challenge, and Korn Ferry qualification). GHIN handicap through staff, volunteer, and course rating – etc, etc, etc!

Judy Morris, Derby Golf & Country Club

Judy was heavily involved in the KWGA, serving as a Past President and Junior Golf Administrator. She was on the Board of Directors during the merger that created Central Links Golf.

What is your most memorable round of golf?
My most memorable round was my winning round at the 2018 Kansas Women’s Super-Senior Championship at Wichita CC. It was the first State Championship I had won all by myself. Before that, I had “watched” my daughters (Kathy & Jaci) win multiple State Championships; “partnered” to win one; and “coached” our winning KWGA Fore State Team. The Senior Super-Senior Championship Tournament is an event I always look forward to – it has a great history and is always a wonderful opportunity to connect with golfing friends, and it was truly an honor to earn the title of Champion.

Conrad Roberts

How did you get started playing golf?
At the age of 11, my dad joined Cradoc Golf Club which was my local course in Wales. I basically wanted to do whatever my dad did, so he took me with him to the course and I just started hitting balls. However, it wasn’t until I was 13 before I started getting good enough to play competitively, so that’s when I truly caught the golf bug!

Why do you enjoy serving on our Board of Directors?
Coming from Wales, golf opened up so many opportunities for me. It not only paid for my college education, but the game has taken me around the world. Golf also introduced me to so many wonderful people, so I want to be able to give back to the game that has been so good to me. Serving on the board is one way I can do that.

Chris Robinson, Mariah Hills Golf Course

Chris is the Head Golf Professional at Mariah Hills Golf Course in Dodge City.

What is your most memorable round of golf?
When I played with my son and he broke 80 for the first time.

Why do you enjoy serving on our Board of Directors?
I like being able to grow the game of golf while giving input for the needs of Southwest Kansas.

Patricia Sherwood, Flint Hills National Golf Club

How did you get started playing golf?
It was with the flip of a coin, “golf” or “interior design” classes. I signed up for a non-credit PE class at WSU and lo and behold Natasha Fife was teaching it. I didn’t know who she was, but she had a big following. I loved the class and signed up again in the spring semester. She’s still my mentor and friend.

What do you wish more people knew about CLG?
I wish people knew more about our resources other than just putting on tournaments and handling our handicap. There is a big education component and so many ways to get involved and volunteer. 

If you had to choose between watching The Ryder Cup or The Masters, which would you choose?
Definitely the Masters. My favorite tournament of the year. I got to go once when Tiger was playing as an amateur…No crowds with him back then!

Alane Studley, St. Joseph Country Club

Our dear friend and Board Member Alane passed away in April. Alane was a valued member of the Board of Directors, a fierce competitor, and a friend to all she played with. In 2020, she won both the Tee Fore Two and Fall Triple Threat. Her contributions to the game will be deeply missed.

Sean Thayer, Buffalo Dunes Golf Course & The Golf Club at Southwind

Sean was involved with the KGA Board of Directors for many years and won the 1999 Kansas Amateur at Milburn Country Club.

How were you introduced to the game?
I was four years old and had three older brothers in junior golf at Liberal Country Club.

What is one thing you wished more people knew about CLG?
That Doug (CLG Executive Director) is a physicist.

Ryder Cup or The Masters?
Ryder Cup by a lot.

Chris Tuohey, Sand Creek Station Golf Course

He is the Director of Golf at Sand Creek Station Golf Course and is a big supporter of CLG events, especially women’s golf in our state. CLG is grateful that Sand Creek hosts multiple events each year.

How were you introduced to the game?
First, by my dad. He was an avid golfer, and the limited time I spent with him was on the golf course. I didn’t have much interest in the game until the age of 13. A good friend of mine in school, David White asked if I wanted to join the golf team. The rest was history. I became an avid player and competed in high school and junior tournaments during the summer. I never became a great player, but it kept me engaged in healthy elements. David was an incredible player in High School and College and a great role model. I didn’t have much direction in my life in school, but golf and David did their best to keep me on the right path. Amazing the impact people can make on your life. To this day, I still remember the day I accepted Jesus. David made this happen and I’m forever grateful. Helped me become the man I am today.

How did you get started with CLG?
I would say it started with Kim Richey, Rusty Hilst, and Casey Old. I had just started managing Sand Creek Station in 2006 when I reached out to what was then the Kansas Golf Association. I had a great conversation with Kim. I expressed my desire to host numerous KGA events at Sand Creek, even the Amateur Match Play. I just remember Kim chuckled and said “slow down kid, we’ll get there in time.” That’s when the Railer was born. Kim, Casey, Rusty, and I put our heads together and came up with what I think is a fantastic championship for Kansas Golf. I’ve made so many good friends over the years with the CLG team and all the great players.  

Tim Tyner, Council Grove Country Club

What was your most memorable round of golf?
Two rounds in one day actually. It was a 36-hole qualifier for the US Amateur in 2001 at Shadow Glen it was 95 degrees and we had to walk. 135 players teed off and 87 posted a score. 77-74. I was an old 42 at the time…

Why do you like serving on the Board of Directors?
I like helping to keep amateur golf alive in Kansas. It has been a big part of our family’s life.

Kurt Vollersten, The Golf Club of Southwind

Why do you like serving on the Board of Directors?
I like keeping Southwest Kansas visible and involved in Kansas golf.

What is something more people should notice about CLG?
Our efforts to recruit and involve our youth in the game of golf.

Gary Hruby, Shadow Glen Golf Club

Ted McDonald, Indian Hills Country Club

Benn Sledge

The Advisory Board

Steve Randall, The Jayhawk Club

What is your most memorable round of golf?
Difficult to answer with just one, so I’ll name two.  The 65 (-6) round I shot in Minnesota at the Detroit Lakes Country Club is up there, however playing my practice round at last year’s state amateur with my 14-year-old son will hold lasting memories.  It was great we both qualified for the state am, which is an exceptional event and experience.

How were you introduced to CLG?
I’ve been blessed to work in the golf industry since the mid-1990s, as a coach, then working for the Minnesota Golf Association, then being Executive Director of the Sun Country Amateur Golf Association (New Mexico/West Texas) before moving to Lawrence and working with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America which his based here.  When moving to Lawrence I reached out to the Kansas Golf Association staff and wanted to be involved.  The KGA has positively evolved into the Central Links Golf Association.  I’m honored to be part of a great group.

Brian Burris, Flint Hills National Golf Club

How did you get started golfing?
My father was career military. During my 4th grade year, he was transferred to California. We moved to a house in the countryside. There was not a lot to do out there – no kids to play with. My father cut off 3 old golf clubs to fit me (some Walter Hagen blades with metal shafts that were colored like bamboo — 5, 7, and 9 irons). He taught me how to swing. Almost every day I would hit balls into the open field next to our house, pick them up, and hit them again  . . . and again. I probably hit 6,000 balls into that field before I ever got onto a golf course. When my father was transferred to Ft. Riley, KS before my 7th-grade year, I had access to the Officer’s Club Golf Course and Custer Hill Golf Course.  I played every day during the summer and joined the junior high golf team. I’ve kind of been hooked ever since.

How were you introduced to CLG?
In the 1990s, I represented some member clubs of the Kansas Golf Association in tax relief litigation. The case went all the way to the Kansas Supreme Court. I got to know Kim Richey during this time. Jack Simpson and Kim Richey asked me to be General Counsel for the Kansas Golf Association in 2014. That was two mergers ago. I was asked to continue as General Counsel for CLG, which I gladly accepted.

Brett Plymell, Oakwood Country Club