Reasons for Posting ScoresI know what you’re thinking, “I don’t even play in tournaments that use my handicap for scoring, why do I have to post my scores??” Here’s the thing. Even if you don’t currently play in Net Scoring tournaments, there are a lot of reasons why your Handicap Index needs to be accurate.4 Reasons Why You Should Post Your Scores

  1. Pairings

Ever been paired with a golfer way above or below your ability? Maybe that’s because your handicap index did not properly reflect your potential ability. Often, Tournament Directors pair players based on handicap indexes.

  1. Invitation Only Events

When your handicap index is within a certain range, it can qualify you to participate in certain events. Think of the U.S. Open Qualifiers or U.S. Amateur Qualifiers.

  1. Flights

Sometimes we offer events with flights based on your handicap index. The Prairie Invitational is a good example to use here. In this event, if your handicap index is 5.0-23.4, you are required to compete in the Players division, instead of the Open division.

  1. Improvement

In addition to the reasons we listed above, posting your scores allows you to see your improvement over time. Your scoring record stays with you forever, making it easy to track your improvement.

If you are like most people, you thought all you needed out of your GHIN Number was the ability to enter tournaments, but posting your scores is crucial to maintaining the honesty of the game.

If you need a handicap and you are not a regular patron of a golf course that provides GHIN Memberships, join a Kansas Eclub. For more information about handicap policies and procedures, read the USGA Handicap Manual.

Note: If you forgot to post a score during the active season, it’s not too late to post. You can go back and post scores that were made at any time during the active season, even if it is currently an inactive season.