What Scores Can I Post?Sometimes there are restrictions on what scores a player can and cannot post. We’re here to help break those down.

Scores You Can Post

Scores you can post:

  • Rounds played with at least one other person.
  • To post a 9-hole score, you must have played 7-12 holes under the USGA Rules of Golf.
  • To post an 18-hole score, you must have played at least 13 holes under the USGA Rules of Golf.
  • Rounds played on any course during an active season, both home and away courses, with a proper USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating.
  • Scores in all forms of competition. Tournaments hosted by the KCGA & KGA post your tournament scores for you. Be sure not to double-post a score!
  • Disqualification in a competition, but you have an acceptable score, you must record an adjusted gross score using Section 4-2 of the Handicap Manual.

Scores you can’t post:

  • Rounds played alone.
  • When fewer than 7 holes have been played.
  • When the round was played in an area observing an inactive season.
  • Competitions which limit the number of clubs you can play with to under 14. Example: an irons only competition.
  • When a player uses non-conforming equipment (balls, clubs, tees, etc.).
  • Anytime the player does not play under the USGA Rules of Golf.

Note: If a player fails to post a valid score, the Handicap Committee may post the score without the player’s authorization. (See Section 8-4b of the USGA Handicap Manual).

Whenever you’re not sure if you can post a score or not, be sure to reference the USGA Handicap Manual available online or talk to your local club pro.

Happy Posting!