Power in golf defined:

Power = Force x Displacement/Time     OR     Power = Force x Velocity
Force = strength
Displacement = mobility or turn or the distance you can ‘ramp’ up your club head speed
Time = speed/impulse

In other words, to increase power or clubhead speed this off-season, you need to either increase your muscular strength, increase the distance over which you can generate that force, and/or you need to be able to do it fast!

Bodybuilders who can lift a lot of weight but can’t lift it fast…aren’t powerful.
Track and field athletes who are super-fast but are not strong…aren’t powerful.
A powerful golfer is strong AND fast.

When I evaluate a golfer, I help them identify which of those 3 components are their main power leak…and if there is more than one, which area is the priority for them to gain power.

You as a golfer need to be crystal clear on where you stand and if your focus this off-season should be more on getting mobile, strong or fast…some of you may lose power in 1 area while others of you may have power leaks in all 3.

As you approach your off-season and you desire to take advantage of the colder months to spend time working on the physical side of golf in the gym, be sure to have a plan that is targeted to what you specifically need! That is how you’ll get results and gain 10-30+ yards over the off-season without even hitting a golf ball.

I meet too many golfers going to the gym and ‘working out’ instead of ‘training’ specifically for a purpose with a plan.

At RobertsPT, we guarantee at least 3 mph (money back guaranteed) with most of our golfers gaining 5-8mph in less than 3 months’ time. How do we get those results? We’re customized to what YOU need after a thorough assessment.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, mobility will always be first priority. To see how well you’re able to rotate for a golf swing, TAKE MY FREE HOME ASSESSMENT for an easy way to see where your plan may need to start. If you clear all 4 rotational centers on this home assessment…then you need to focus on either strength or speed work. How do you if you need more strength or speed? Again, you need more information and need to be further assessed.

If you don’t have a trusted Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in golf supervising your plan, I’d be happy to jump on a call to discuss your off-season goals. Call 214-998-9904 or email wade@robertspt.co.

Let’s train smarter…not just harder this off-season.

Hit em’ straight,
Dr. Roberts

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Dr. Wade Roberts is a contributing writer for Central Links Golf. Dr. Roberts is the owner of Roberts PT, a golf PT and Performance Center in Kansas City. He graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology. He then earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Lynchburg College. Dr. Roberts is able to provide specialized therapies for a variety of patients but has a special interest in decreasing pain, increasing speed, and achieving longevity in the golf community.