In the off-season, set clear, achievable goals, prioritize fitness, perfect your swing with an instructor, and keep playing through winter. Prepare to tee off the next season with newfound confidence.

Golf is a sport that requires dedication and practice to see improvement. If you want to take your golf game to the next level, it’s essential to use the off-season wisely. While it may be tempting to take a break from the links during the winter months, this is actually the perfect time to work on your game. In this blog post, we will discuss what you need to do this off-season to see significant results for next golf season.

1. Set Clear Goals

Before you start any off-season golf performance training, it’s important to set clear, measurable, and achievable goals. What aspects of your golf game do you want to improve? Is it your driving distance, improving your turn and flexibility, accuracy with irons, or your short game? Setting specific goals will give your training purpose and direction.

2. Work on Your Fitness

Golf is more physically demanding than it may appear. A good fitness regimen can significantly improve your golf game. Focus on flexibility, strength, and speed. Golf-specific mobility training and resistance training can help with flexibility and strength, allowing you to maintain focus and consistency throughout the round. If improving distance is your goal for next season, starting a supervised golf-training program is crucial and necessary. Investing in your health is not something you will regret.

3. Improve Your Swing

The off-season is the ideal time to work on your swing. Consider pairing your golf-specific training program with a golf instructor to fine-tune your technique. They can identify flaws in your swing and provide personalized guidance to correct them. Practicing with a launch monitor or indoor simulator can also help you understand your swing better. Combining golf-lessons with a golf-specific training program focused on the physical side is an off-season recipe for success.

4. Play Winter Golf

Don’t take the Winter off from playing golf. You cannot expect to improve your golf game if you don’t swing a club for 3 months. While taking a week or two off is fine, you’ll want to continue fine-tuning your swing so that you aren’t playing catch-up when next Spring arrives.


The off-season is a great opportunity to work on your golf performance training and game to make substantial improvements for next season. By setting clear goals, focusing on your fitness, and fine-tuning your swing, you’ll be well-prepared to tee off next golf season with confidence.

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Dr. Cole Bunce is a contributing writer for Central Links Golf. Dr. Bunce works at RobertsPT, a golf Physical Therapy and Performance Center in Kansas City.