Don’t let cooler temps keep you from posting your scores. Golfers in our region can keep posting their scores to their GHIN Handicap through December 31, 2020.

What about the weather?

In most parts of our region, golfers can continue to play through the end of the year. If the course conditions have mildly changed, we should see an adjustment to your handicap through the Playing Conditions Calculation. This adjustment can account for anything from course set up to weather conditions. Watch this video about the PCC Adjustment.

When can I start posting scores again?

In our region, Kansas & Kansas City, golfers can post scores beginning March 1-December 31. Be sure to keep your game going in the offseason by cross-training or hitting indoors!

What about January and February?

Continue to post any scores played in an ACTIVE season in January and February. For example, some golfers might play in Florida during the winter. Go ahead and continue posting your scores! Not sure if you are playing in an active zone? Ask the pro shop or the regional golf association.

What if I don’t have an active Handicap Index?

We’ve got you covered! There are several clubs that will still offer a full year of handicap services when you join online. Join here >>

We hope you get out and play several more rounds this year, there is still plenty of great weather ahead!

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