Youth on Course Member Spotlight: Savannah Gentry

Savannah Gentry is a freshman at the University of Kansas. She recently completed the three-month USGA Boatwright Internship with Central Links Golf and is an Evans Scholar. Among her many achievements, Savannah benefited from the access to golf Youth on Course provided her.

How did you get started playing golf?

I got involved with the game when I was about 10. My sister and I were looking into sports we hadn’t played or given a try yet, and a golf academy opened right next to where we were going to school at the time. She and I were their first swing lessons! Ever since then it’s stuck and become my favorite sport.

What do you enjoy about playing golf?

I love that it’s more than just a game and that I am reminded of that every time I play or am involved with it. There are so many aspects to it from meeting new people, playing, going to new places, getting involved in more ways than just playing, and so on. 

How have you benefitted from Youth on Course?

I found and was introduced to Youth on Course in the parking lot of a golf course during my first year playing by another junior golfer and his dad. It has been a huge benefit being able to have the opportunity to play for such a low rate and so many courses throughout the city. I definitely would not have been able to play as much as I have without it. I was extra appreciative especially after my first time paying for a full greens fee this summer!  

“Even though I’ve aged out of Youth on Course, I still encourage anyone I’m around to get signed up if they haven’t, because it really is a great program and seeing youth golfers is always an awesome thing!”

What are your next steps after having graduated from the YOC program?

I had an awesome internship with Central Links Golf this summer. Aside from focusing on school in the fall and upcoming year, I plan to stay involved with golf in any way I can. I also plan to major in business and sports management to later end up somewhere in the golf industry!

Tell us about the scholarship you received.

This spring I received the Chick Evans Scholarship from the Western Golf Association Evans Foundation. It’s a full tuition and housing scholarship for high-achieving caddies. I’ll be attending the University of Kansas this fall with it and living in the Evans house on campus. Very excited!

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Youth on Course Member Spotlight: Makenna Kincheloe

Get to know Central Links Golf Youth on Course Member, Makenna Kincheloe.

How did you start playing golf?

I first started playing golf when I was around 12 years old. I started swinging the club when I went out with my dad and he introduced me to the challenging game. I instantly fell in love with the sport and knew that I wanted to continue to pursue my passion. From then on, I started taking lessons, going to the golf course more, and now playing in more and more golf tournaments.

What do you like about being a golfer?

I like being a golfer because it is an independent sport. Or as my parents would say, “You have no one else to blame but yourself.” When they say this they mean that if you mess up on a shot or a hole you have to take it upon yourself to have a good next recovery hole. Or that if you want to get any better you also have to take it upon yourself to go out to the golf course and put in the work to get better. I also like the challenging aspect of golf, both mentally and physically. If you mess up it can really challenge your mental game to want to break down, but as a golfer, you learn that you can’t do that.  You have to come back and do something about that bad shot or hole and not let it bring you down.

Why is being a Youth on Course Member important to you?

Youth on Course is important to me because it allows me to play different courses all around the Kansas City area for a less expensive price. It is also important to me because I can build new friendships with different kids that are my age that have the same passion as I do. 

I believe that every young golfer, especially girls, should participate in Youth on Course…

I believe this because it can give them the opportunity to play a usually expensive game for a cheaper price. Whenever I go out to the golf course I usually see one other woman golfer if that, this is because golf is usually stereotyped towards men. However, Youth on Course can change that. Youth on Course can allow many young female golfers around the world to have a better opportunity to pursue their passion in a sport they love.

Being a member of Youth on Course has impacted me in many ways…

It has shown me many different course management skills. It has also made me a better golfer and allowed me to perform better in golf tournaments. It has done this by allowing me to play different courses around the Kansas City area that are more challenging than others. It has also allowed me to play different courses that I play in tournaments to better prepare myself.

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