World Handicap System FAQ

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Will my score history be migrated to the new system? As long as you have previously had a USGA Handicap Index, all of your past scoring history will be migrated – whether you want it to or not. ?

Will I get a new Handicap Index when WHS goes live in January 2020? Maybe. There is no guarantee that your index will change, but it most likely will. In some cases, your index will go up. For other golfers, your index might go down. Just remember that the WHS will be a more accurate, inclusive, and fair system.

What is a “Low Handicap Index”? We’re glad you asked. Low Handicap Index will be a key component of the World Handicap System.  A golfer’s handicap index is subject to a soft cap from the low handicap index over the prior year once it rises three strokes.  A handicap index is subject to a hard cap of no more than five strokes higher than the low handicap index over the previous year.

Many tournaments currently use the low handicap index over the prior year for events like the Member/Guest.  It is important to note that the World Handicap System is a new formula, so the low handicap index for every golfer as it pertains to the World Handicap System will be set on the first day of its implementation in January 2020.  In order for the low handicap index to become a part of a golfer’s handicap index,  the golfer must have 20 scores in the scoring record.

Please have your tournament committees carefully consider how to implement this particular feature for the year 2020.  Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.  We are happy to be available for committee meetings by phone or Skype if necessary to answer any questions related to this new component of the WHS.

Will the active handicap season change? Nope. We are still operating from March 1 – December 31 à that means you can post your score when you play golf during our active season. Be sure to check if the state you’re playing in is observing an active season – you can always post your score when it is an active season where you played golf.

All this talk about the Handicap System has me wanting to establish a Handicap Index. How can I do that? You can join at your local club or through an Eclub Here.

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