The KC Junior Tour is comprised of 10 events throughout the Kansas City metro area in June and July with the Tour Championship taking place on July 27th. To play in KC Junior Events, players must register for the KC Junior Tour membership program for $45 or the All-Inclusive Junior Tour membership program for $65. To purchase a membership for junior tour, please click here.

Players are eligible for the following age divisions: Prep (12 & Under), Boys 13-15, Girls 13-15, Boys 16+ and Girls 16+. A player’s age as of August 1st, 2024 will determine the age division they will play in. Players are able to play up in to a higher age division if they wish. Players will compete in a season-long Player of the Year competition per age division. The Player of the Year winners will be announced at the Tour Championship.

The points for each regular season KCJT event per age division are as follows: 1st (30), 2nd (22), 3rd (18), 4th (16), 5th (14), 6th (12), 7th (10), 8th (8), 9th (6), 10th (4). Each player will receive 2 points for participation in each event. The Championship is worth double points.