The Junior Ambassador Program

In 2019, a new program was introduced: the Junior Ambassadors. The mission of the Junior Ambassador program is to not only promote the game of golf to everyone in their community, but also to encourage players who have never played before to join. Junior Ambassadors are invited based on their friendly and positive attitude as well as their dedication to helping and encouraging players of all talent levels on the Junior Tour this summer.

Junior Ambassadors will be tasked with inviting new players to join Junior Tour as well as being a point of contact for those who have questions or are unsure of what to do at a Junior Tour event. We hope to keep young players involved in golf no matter their playing level. Whether you shoot in the 70’s and 80’s or you are just picking up a golf club, there is always a spot for you on a Junior Tour.

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C: Taylor Albritton, Junior Golf Director –

2021 Junior Ambassador Team

Josh Fratzel
Jacob Fratzel
Abby Ervin
Kate Braden
Reese Christenson
Savannah Gentry
Blaine Sullivan
Luke Taylor
Savannah Cagle

2020 Junior Ambassador Team

Colby Unruh, Savannah Gentry, Keenan Unruh, Taylor Hileman, Cade Cochran, Elizabeth Grant, Jacob Fratzel, Harrison Clemmons, Savannah Cagle

2019 Junior Ambassador Team

Maggie King, Kobe Jenkins, Libby Green, Evan Highfill, Tess Roman, EJ Atkins, Savannah Gentry, Drew Krystyn, Madeline Gentry, Jacob Fratzel, Nick Nickloy