Golfers of All Skill Levels See Improvement with Custom Fitting

Club Champion fitters create instant success

With advances in golf club technology, most golfers could easily hit the ball farther and more accurately. Yet golfers of all skill levels still struggle with distance, consistency and other elements of the game that could be tightened up with a custom club fitting like the ones offered at Club Champion.

A Golf Digest study found that eight out of nine custom fit golfers lowered their score by as much as six strokes per round and added up to 21 yards off the tee after a Club Champion fitting. Even more impressive, higher handicap golfers saw the most improvement, dispelling the idea that only scratch golfers are “good enough” to be fitted.

“It never ceases to amaze me that golfers buy clubs off the shelf and assume they’re right for them. Whether you’re a great golfer or a casual one, getting a custom club fitting is one of the quickest ways to improve your game,” says world-renowned instructor and Club Champion brand ambassador David Leadbetter.

The nation’s #1 premium fitter, Club Champion delivers a Tour-quality fitting that produces longer, more accurate shots, with a nearly 100% satisfaction rate. Their approach is unbiased; no specific vendor is promoted. The only goal is to find the best combination of components to lower your scores.

The company has a unique coupling system that allows them to combine any head and shaft together, so golfers hit the precise combination to be custom built for them. Club Champion is the only fitter to offer 45,000+ interchangeable head and shaft combinations on-site at all of their national locations. The equipment available for demo is far more expansive than what’s offered at competitive companies, and the variety allows the master fitter to find exactly the right combination to complement a golfer’s swing. Those golfers don’t have to wait to test the suggested clubs – they get to hit the exact club that will be custom built for them.

“The proof is in the results,” says Florida resident Dave Greer. “The fitting process was amazing. The fitter first identified the proper shaft and then found the right head. With each combination, I was able to see the improved results statistically laid out on screen. I picked up 10-20 yards in distance. It’s worth every penny spent just to see the looks on your playing partners’ faces when they see the results of your changes.” Club Champion stores nationwide are offering a FREE fitting for a limited time: fitting costs are waived with an equipment purchase of $500 or more. Terms apply; please call (888) 340-7820 or visit for more information.

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