Central Links Golf is pleased to announce our 2022 Volunteers of the Year. John Bott and Les Ansay have demonstrated tremendous service to the game of golf in Kansas City & Kansas.

Rules Official of the Year: John Bott

John has been involved with the KGA/CLG Junior Golf program for over 30 years. John oversees the Kansas City section of the Kansas Junior Golf Tour. “Working with Junior players, and I don’t find it work, is rewarding in that their participation and development as players and young people is enhanced by the total golf experience and we help that happen,” John said. 

Course Rater of the Year: Les Ansay

Les has been involved in Course Rating since 2011. He serves as a lead rater, travel course rater, and rating trainer for new volunteers. “I love the game of golf and course rating has introduced me to another aspect of the game. It’s been a great experience. It has challenged my thinking and kept my mind sharp,” Les said.