What is the Falcon Wealth Advisors Tour?

The Falcon Wealth Advisors Tour (FWA Tour) was formerly known as the StateLine Amateur Tour. Jake Falcon, a tour member, and Falcon Wealth Advisors are the title sponsors of the tour.

What are the eligibility requirements to play on the FWA Tour?

A player must be a member of the FWA Tour and pay the $50 membership fee. Click HERE to register for membership and events.

A FWA Tour member must have an active USGA Handicap ID number with a Central Links Golf member club or through our e-club membership. Click HERE for e-club membership.

A FWA Tour member must be an amateur golfer.

A FWA Tour member must be at least 18 years old on the day of the event.

What fees are involved with the FWA Tour and what do they include?

Membership into the tour is $50, and each individual event is $90.

The $90 event fee includes the round of golf, cart fees and driving range usage. Prizes are also awarded out of this entry fee. Players may walk but are encouraged to ride in the cart to help with pace of play. Food and beverage are covered separately by the player.

When can I register for the Falcon Wealth Advisors Tour?

Registration for membership and signing up for individual events opens March 2 at 10:00 AM Central Time. Registration for both is open the entire season (March 2 thru the FWA Tour Championship) and you may register at your convenience.

What is the waitlist procedure for FWA Tour events?

Historically, FWA Tour events have generally not had an issue with becoming full. However, with the larger number of players developing during the COVID pandemic, FWA Tour membership has grown very quickly. Each facility will have a finite number of players based on many factors such as cart fleet size, maintenance practices and course availability. Generally speaking a maximum number varies from course to course, but will be in the range of 80-120 players. If a player is waitlisted, they will NOT BE CHARGED unless they play in the event. The waitlist will be populated on a first come, first-served basis and be added to the field in that order, regardless of division.

When is the Deadline for signing up for an event?

The deadline for registration is always one week before the event at midnight. For example, if the event is scheduled for Monday, May 20, the deadline for registering for that event is Monday, May 13 at 11:59 PM.

When do I play the day of an event?

Pairings and times will be emailed to players 5 days before the event and will also be available online at that time.

Starting times are every 10 minutes in groups of three and are generally in the following order by division: Senior, Super Senior, Legends, Open, Players. Pairings within a division are determined randomly.

Are there handicap requirements for FWA Tour and what are the divisions?

A player must have a handicap index of 18.2 or lower to play in FWA Tour events. If a player has an index that exceeds 18.2, that player may still play, but the index will be reduced to 18.2

The Open Division is a gross only competition for the better players and the maximum handicap index is 3.0. The Open division generally plays a golf course at 6600 to 7200 yards.

The Senior Division is a gross only competition for the better players who are 50 years or older on the day of the event and the maximum handicap index is 8.0. The Senior division generally plays a golf course at 6000 to 6600 yards.

The Players Division is a gross and net competition for players whose index is between 1.0 and 18.2. The Players division plays a golf course at 6000 to 6600 yards.

The Super Senior Division is a gross and net competition for player who are 60 years or older on the day of the competition and the maximum handicap index is 18.2. The Super Senior division generally plays a golf course at 5000 to 5800 yards.

The Legends Division is a gross and net competition for players who are 70 years or older on the day of the competition and the maximum handicap index is 18.2. The Legends division generally plays a golf course at 5000 to 5800 yards.

What Handicap index is used for a FWA Tour event?

With the World Handicap System (WHS) updating a player’s index daily, the FWA Tour will utilize the index for each player the day of the event. Scorecards will not have handicaps printed on them and players should check electronic scoreboards or the Central Links Website scoring to ensure the index used is accurate.

Do women play on the FWA Tour?

Yes. Women compete in the same division as the men based on the above requirements and play from a forward set of tees.

What do FWA Tour players compete for?

Gift certificates, which are redeemable at any Central Links Golf member club, are awarded within each division to the top players. The amount and number of players awarded is based upon the number of players in each division per event. The winner of each division will receive $125 in merchandise and all ties are split. A player in the Players, Super Senior or Legends division may only win one award (Gross or Net, but not both) per event and will be paid the highest value. Gift certificates are sent through email directly to the player the day after the event.

Gift Certificates will only be awarded within the Super Senior and Legends divisions if a minimum of 6 players in each division play in the event for that day. If one or both of those divisions have less than 6 players, then the two divisions will be combined to award certificates for the one combined division that day. Player of the year points will still be awarded for performance within the individual divisions.

Players in each division are also competing for points toward the Falcon Wealth Advisors Tour Player of the Year (POY) within their own division. The POY will receive a trophy at the year ending Tour Championship.

FWA Tour points in the Open and Senior Divisions are also awarded to The Watson Challenge Points list as well as the KC Area Amateur, Mid-Amateur, Senior Amateur, Super Senior Amateur and Legends Player of the Year lists.

Is a practice round included in a FWA Tour event?

No. However, individual facilities on their own may offer a practice round. Please contact the facility directly to see if they choose to offer a practice round to FWA Tour members.

What are the Rules of Play for a FWA Tour event?

FWA Tour events are conducted by the 2023 Rules of Golf published by the USGA and R&A. The Central Links Golf Terms of the Competition (Hard Card) apply for all events and any Local Rules of the host facility are not in effect. The Code of Conduct and Pace of Play policies are in place and available to all players on the first tee. Central Links Staff and Rules officials will be onsite to decide any and all situations involving the Rules of Golf. The Chief Rules Official (CRO) of all tour events is Sam Parrott and he will have the final decision on all Rules situations.

Are Carts allowed and included in my entry fee for FWA Tour events?

Yes. Carts are included in the entry fee, and all players are strongly encouraged to ride to assist with pace of play. While a player may walk if they choose, there will be no discount of an entry fee to do so.

Are Caddies or Spectators allowed at FWA Tour events?

No, caddies are NOT ALLOWED at FWA Tour events. Spectators are allowed to follow players as well as ride in the cart IF A SEAT IS AVAILABLE. Spectators may follow along and walk at any time. However, all Central Links events, including FWA Tour events, have a strict 2 golf cart per group policy and no exceptions will be made even if all 3 players in a group have a spectator following.

What is the eligibility for the FWA Tour Championship?

Eligibility for the year-ending one-day FWA Tour Championship is simply being a member of the FWA Tour, and you may register for it like any other event. However, if registration for the event makes the field too large, restrictions may be applied to the event. Those restrictions will be applied to each division and will be based on Player of the Year points and year long participation. Players will be communicated the qualifications of the championship as they are updated through out the season.

Other Notes for FWA Tour events:

The maximum score allowed per hole is 9 (Rule 21.2).

All event scores will be posted to the GHIN system by Central Links Golf.

Players compete in groups of 3 within their division, unless an odd number of players in a division exists, in which case it may be a group of two or divisions may be mixed in a grouping.

Pairings for each individual event are published on the Central Links website and emailed to players usually five days before the event.

Any questions concerning the Falcon Wealth Advisors Tour may be directed to Sam Parrott sam@clgolf.org.