As with the new GHIN Admin Portal, up to three contacts from each club will be receiving an email from Golf Nations to create a password for our new online billing portal.  You should receive this initial email between Monday, March 2nd and Wednesday, March 4th.  Please follow the instructions in that email to create an account.  Make sure to bookmark this page and save your password. 

You will receive a notice when billing statements are ready to be viewed on or shortly after our billing dates – March 1, May 1, July 1, September 1, and November 1.  You may login to the Golf Nations billing portal once you have received your notification and view your balance, see the golfers billed in that billing period, and pay your bill if you would like. 

Payment – our preference is for you to send a check as that keeps merchant fees at a minimum.  If you need to use a credit card, you may pay your bill directly in the portal.  If credit card payment becomes how a significant portion of our clubs prefer to pay, our staff and board may have to review and adjust pricing accordingly after this season.  We use paperless billing to keep printing and postage fees down, which in turn helps us keep our GHIN fees at a lower cost to our clubs.  Your help in paying GHIN bills by check will also help to maintain fees as much as possible. 

If credit card payment is important to your business, we encourage you to move to our Online Join/Renew billing platform. 

Please contact Jacque or Baile with any questions.  We know this first billing period will be new to everyone, including us, as we are using a new handicap system and two pieces of new software in the GHIN Admin Portal and our new online billing portal.  We are confident that as we all adapt, it will save our clubs a lot of time and questions as everything you need to reconcile your statements and pay your bill will all be conveniently located and available to you at all times.  You won’t have to worry about emails not being received or saving PDF files.  If you want to print statements and rosters for your reference, you may do so directly from the portal.